I first fell in love with Samo’s book I picked up and couldn’t put down in a book store in Honolulu. It deciphered Life in a way that I was ready to understand at that point of my personal evolution, and many of my important questions were answered when I just scanned it while not being sure I had to make the purchase (don’t like owning books.) However, this one my soul just refused to put down. As I was paying for it, I was thrilled to hear that Samo was doing spiritual counseling at the store and I eagerly scheduled one.

Like many of us often do, I imagined what meeting Samo would be like and believed my imagination. I assumed he’d probably tell me the basic mostly optimistic things, half-paying attention to me, half thinking about his own stuff, and leave me frustrated that I spent money on a crazy whim. Okay, advice: don’t imagine and pretend you know, don’t plan to be unimpressed, don’t underestimate Samo. Because he will exceed your expectations.

That surely happened to me. Meeting Samo was like having your own friendly genie in the bottle, but in this case any fulfilled wish is any answer to any question that you may have. When somebody has such strong intuition like Samo’s, and his experience, and an ability to answer your questions just in the way you’re ready to understand, it sums up to an amazing experience you’d be going back to in your thoughts and finding even more answers for a long time after. I am very grateful to him that he helped me clear out some very important confusions and illusions that were clouding my mind, and make the right choices that have brought happiness unknown to me before. By sharing his insights and his smiles just for that 1 hour, he has helped guide me on a transformative journey that I’ve been on for the last 5 months and life has never been this good. Not even in my best fantasies.

Do yourself a favor, have faith, and Life will speak through Samo’s words to your heart.

Denise L.

“Brian is a gifted intuitive and teacher. His insight is clear, direct, and compassionate. He offers new ideas about how to approach your own life questions and wonderful support to carry them through.”

Tess Black, writer and artist

“Brian is both a teacher and seer. He helps you to see more clearly the elements that you are in conflict with who you really are. He helps you to plow through the muck of “yeah buts” to reach that place where your pure true desires reside. Then he gently offers guidance and encouragement to help you find the courage to follow wherever they may lead. In the end you learn that the answers are within you. His gift is illuminating the way to find them.

Maya Leland, Marketing Consultant

"Talking to God Without Calling Long Distance."

Brian’s new book is a gift to you from his inner teachers, divine beings whom he refers to simply as the Voice. The Voice’s messages are powerful, playful and uplifting. They are also disarmingly simple.

"Here is a spiritual gold mine of potent, heartfelt wisdom. Brian Samo Ross' guidance captures the essence of spiritual truth and delivers it in a touching and compelling way. Extraordinarily engaging and valuable for all seeking to move to the next level of awakening."

Alan Cohen
Author of "I Had It All the Time"

"Refreshingly playful and wise! Brian’s new book is a MUST for everyone looking for truth. I urge the world to read it!"

Pat Rodegast
Author of "Emmanuel’s Book"

"So many spiritual insights and pearls of wisdom in one clear, heart-felt book. Brian's work is a treasure. If we would truly follow the guidance in this book our lives would be filled with joy, not fear. We would love life again and know how to easily create our heart and soul's desires."

Pamala Oslie,
Author of "Life Colors" & "Make Your Dreams Come True"