Private Sessions

Sitting with Brian is like sitting in a room full of master teachers. His inner teachers, whom he refers to as The Voice, come from the higher realms, offering an enlightened perspective on relationships, health, career, personal growth, past lives and meditation. He feels his main work is to assist people in accessing their own divine wisdom within. It is only by going within that true change can happen.

Many experience a shift in the room’s energy. You may feel calmer. You may feel a tingling on the top of your head and a loving presence in the room that Brian calls "the grace."

"How can I help you?" Brian asks at the beginning of each session. He is asking from his heart. Open your heart and let the adventure begin.

Sessions are available by appointment only, in person or by phone. Visa & MasterCard accepted.

Please call or email for prices.

Spiritual Toolbox:
• Conscious Channeling
• Osho Zen Tarot
• Soul Massage
• Healing Touch
• Non Violent Communication (NVC)
• Science of Mind
• Meditation
• Humor

Ask about:
• Relationships
• Career
• Health
• Past Lives
• Spiritual Growth
• Soul’s purpose
• Life Coaching
• Meditation


Soul Massage
A unique form of energy work developed over several years, in which chakras are cleansed and the body gets to "speak." Clients feel very relaxed, even blissful, and often report experiencing positive life changes in the weeks following treatment.

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