About Brian

"Sitting with Brian is like sitting in a room full of master teachers."

Author, gifted intuitive and teacher, Brian has been studying spirituality for over 30 years. From his first meditation retreat in Sri Lanka under the guidance of a Buddhist monk, to his tumultuous years with the late, great mystic Osho, to his initiation into the Path of Sound & Light, he has been on a journey to discover the ultimate truth of who we are and why we are here. This is the search mystics call " the only path worth pursuing."

Brian began experiencing higher realms at a very young age. As a child he would occasionally find himself transported into a dimension beyond time and space. For a brief moment time seemed to stop, and he would have a glimpse into a greater reality that he could neither understand nor describe. These experiences helped to feed his quest for knowledge.

In 1980, while attending a Buddhist Meditation retreat in Kandy Sri Lanka, he had his first "out of body" experience. After sitting for days in meditation, the pain in his body became unbearable. He’d been instructed to focus on the pain rather than try to avoid it. While doing so his consciousness suddenly lifted up and out of the top of his head and he found himself looking down at his body from above. The pain in his body was gone and his heart opened wide. He wept with joy.

The following year he became a disciple of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho. The next decade was filled with intense turmoil, pleasure and spiritual growth, as he searched for his true identity and meaning in life. At Rajneeshpuram in Oregon, he participated in meditation retreats and workshops that combined eastern mysticism with western psychological techniques.

A major shift occurred in 1989. While writing on his computer, Brian heard a voice inside of his head—a loving, compassionate and wise voice. This is the same voice that speaks to readers in his book "Talking to God Without Calling Long Distance," and assists Brian during his counseling sessions.

In July 2004, Brian became initiated into the Path of Sound and Light, an ancient mystical tradition that is said to date back to before the time of Moses. Thanks to the blessings of his teacher, he now has access to a divine presence that some spiritual traditions call "the grace" or "the holy spirit."

Many experience a shift in the room’s energy. You may feel calmer. You may feel a tingling on the top of your head and a loving presence in the room. In those moments a healing can happen. In those moments karma can be lifted. The more open and ready a client is, the more profound this healing can be.