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Author, gifted intuitive and teacher, Brian has been studying spirituality for over 30 years. From his first meditation retreat in Sri Lanka under the guidance of a Buddhist monk, to his tumultuous years with the late, great mystic Osho, to his initiation into the Path of Sound & Light, he has been on a journey to discover the ultimate truth of who we are and why we are here. This is the search mystics call "the only path worth pursuing."

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Private Sessions
Sitting with Brian is like sitting in a room full of master teachers. His inner teachers, whom he refers to as The Voice, come from the higher realms, offering an enlightened perspective on relationships, health, career, personal growth, past lives and meditation. He feels his main work is to assist people in accessing their own divine wisdom within. It is only by going within that true change can happen.  more>

Book Info
Brian’s new book is a gift to you from his inner teachers, divine beings whom he refers to simply as the Voice. The Voice’s messages are powerful, playful and uplifting. They are also disarmingly simple.

"Here is a spiritual gold mine of potent, heartfelt wisdom. Brian Samo Ross' guidance captures the essence of spiritual truth and delivers it in a touching and compelling way. Extraordinarily engaging and valuable for all seeking to move to the next level of awakening."
Alan Cohen, Author of “I Had It All the Time”more>

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